ðŸ“ĒAbout Us

Godini is a company that bridges the gap between developers and investors and players within the Crypto Gaming Market


A crypto marketing agency that provides every tool you need for your project. We are an integral solutions agency for Crypto Projects. A company focused on Community Management, Adapted Marketing and the NFT market. Through our services, your team can focus on working on the project and leave the community contact to us.

Our team consists of Designers, Marketing and Advertising professionals and risk containment experts in order to facilitate and keep your target audience engaged while you and your team do the work of bringing your NFT project to the world.

GoDiNi was founded to meet the demand for a company that would take the burden off teams of developers from direct contact with the public. Transforming and bringing more lightness to the environment of building projects on Web3. It is innovative in all aspects and the team of professionals is always updating to better serve your project.

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