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The benefits of a Community Support

Most companies understand the value of a help guide with several helpful support articles. However, creating a branded support community is still only seen as a "cool" feature, not a necessity.

A branded support community offers many surprising benefits. We'll see how creating a community can positively affect customer satisfaction, product innovation and your company's bottom line.

Tap into the best ideas from customers, agents or product experts.

A community is a great space for customers to ask questions and share ideas on complex topics that can be answered not only by the company, but also by colleagues. This type of collaborative support is particularly important because it can involve different perspectives, such as from those who use your product in interesting ways, or from new customers who are just starting out.

The different information, experiences and perspectives shared by these audiences can help users find solutions that may not be so obvious at first. Communities are the most customer-centric support channel, providing customers with a place to share their experiences with each other and with your company.

Create better content with the help of your community It is very likely that your users will visit your community again to report that an article is not useful or does not fully answer their questions. And that's a great opportunity to use their feedback to improve your content. By monitoring the community and listening to user concerns and issues, you can improve existing documentation and subsequently the customer experience.

Support teams can also leverage community members to generate content. At GoDiNi, we can invite frequent contributors to write and publish their own "Tips & Tricks" on topics in which they are experts. This allows them to gain recognition in the community while creating the support documentation you provide.

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