ðŸŦ‚Community Managment

The community manager is the ambassador of the company on the internet.

More and more world population is a user of social networks. This is what the Finances Online said in a report. There are currently about 4.66 billion active internet users in the world out of the 7.83 billion global population. With so many people connected, companies have found the opportunity to talk directly to consumers on the internet. This has given rise to a new career: Community manager.

The community manager monitors forums, blogs and social network profiles to identify issues that are on the rise and find ways for the company to participate in conversations with Internet users. The community manager helps the brand to understand society's manifestations, listen to feedback on products and services, and identify new competitors. This makes the clients create affinity with the brand.

In addition, this professional assists in positioning the company in the market and can contribute to the research and development team.

To work in this area, it is essential to know tools to identify trends, be a user of social media and be able to analyse data. However, it is the behavioural skills (empathy, curiosity, creativity and proactivity) that drive the career. This is a highly human position as it plays the role of exchange with the community. It is important to have active listening and sensitivity to know the time to enter into a conversation, and GoDiNi has the best team to be with your team.

GoDiNi's Team of Community Managers not only listens to their community, but also demonstrates empathy, creates bonds, breaks down barriers.

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