ðŸĪšHow we work

Managing a project and maintaining interaction with the community in a healthy way that promotes proper engagement is quite challenging.

In the crypto universe security and trust are watchwords and for that we have at least 3 packages to present. To keep the project properly engaged and with low cost.

In the following I intend to show you our way to keep your project walking smoothly

Good to know: We accept NFTs or Tokens as part of payment. It will generating a genuine interest in the project. And will free the owners of the projects from having large amounts of liquidity.

When taking new jobs we require a minimum contractual relationship of 1 month and 50% of basic cost paid in advance. This way we can give our work seriousness, since taking metrics in less than 1 month is very volatile and does not reflect real performance. Added to this, neither party is benefited if they hire an agency and after a week they disengage.

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