ðŸŽķSound Design

Description of service provided:

We would like to explain that the sound designer is responsible for everything you hear in a production. From sound effects, orchestral sound, scene transition sounds, sounds of actions being performed. He is the person responsible for keeping the pace of the game and your audience captured. When you open a site and a sound is played, this can determine the professionalism behind the team and their care for the project.

Furthermore, it is the project's sound designer who is responsible for ensuring that the audience doesn't miss out on what is happening and ensuring that they are fully absorbed in the sound world.

The service of a sound designer can include creating sound effects, textures and ambience to work with the project's story, as well as choosing, editing and remixing music with a composer or live musicians. They are also responsible for compiling a library of ambience and sound effects.

This service is a GoDiNi differentiator. Our Sound Engineers are also knowledgeable about Blockchain and how to keep your investors attracted.

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