🆔Compliance - KYC

Compliance or Know your client (KYC) service has taken on increasing importance within the crypto market. The decentralisation and near anonymity of the service makes it possible for many to commit fraud or money laundering through the crypto market. If you have signed up to any regulated or semi-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, you will be subject to KYC (Know Your Customer). As the pace at which fintech and cryptocurrency innovation grows, so does the need to prevent money laundering and combat financial crime. Moving around large sums of money between bank accounts will immediately trigger anti-money laundering checks. But this is not the case with crypto.

It is known that most companies working with and through crypto do not have adequate, clear and reliable KYC procedures in place. GoDiNi conducts interviews via video calls and does the job for you to ensure, to the extent of permitted regulations, that you effectively get to know your customer. Afina, KYC is necessary and it is much more than just a selfie with an ID. As the service is very expensive in places like the European Union, for example, GoDiNi is able to compete on price within the market. There's more and more regulation, but if we can help reduce the cost for our customers, it's a win for them and a win for us.

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